Today I am sharing my sons bedroom transformation… he is in love with it, and so am I!
The Before:
Mason received the Transformer cling-on’s for Christmas and arranged them on his wall himself.  
His loft bed is perfect for the small space and allows him to have a fun little “clubhouse” underneath it.  The desk was not real sturdy anymore because the brace under the bed broke after a then 4 year old sat on it.
 I purchased these floating shelves from The Christmas Tree Shoppe and they have been here since he was born. The only addition since then is the clay snake he made!
 Obviously we had a problem with toy storage that needed to be addressed!
 This is the lego table I made a while back.
 The side of the desk has shelving for extra storage. As you can see, it isn’t being utilized very well.
 Mason’s closet has a great system in place, but again, we aren’t really utilizing it to it’s fullest!
 Overflowing toy bin.  After this picture we did another of our monthly Goodwill donations and ended up with a garbage bag full of toys.
The letters have been there since Mason was born and the tissue ball has been there for 2.5 years!
Obviously his room is a mash of different things that have been added over the last 5 years and organization is a big must.  So what did I do?
The After:
 Isn’t it handsome?  My son didn’t want to change the paint color (yay for me!) and he also wanted to keep his quilt that each of my family members made a square for that was hanging on his wall.
The striped curtains I made from two curtain panels I removed from my kitchen during it’s makeover and 3 yards of gray fabric.  I cut the white curtain panels into 14″ strips and the gray fabric into 14″ strips and then sewed them together.  
The shelves are just 24″ wide MDF shelves from Ace Hardware and the brackets were also from Ace.  I spent a total of $25 on the two.  Each Monday Mason has Library at school and checks out a book.  We place it on his bottom shelf so we know where it is at all times and also reminds us to read it throughout the week.
The cloud corkboards, model plane and pirate ship were all from Consumer Crafts.
I made the number 5 using my DIY cardboard letter tutorial.
We moved his bed and flipped his quilt so that the blue side is showing.
Using a free map from a rest area and four $.69 yardsticks from Lowes I created a fun piece of wall decor.  I trimmed the top and bottom yardsticks using a handsaw.  The map is taped to the wall with painters tape and I used a staple gun to hang the yardsticks (making sure to get the map as well).
The personalized paper plane vinyl came from Vinyl Lettering.
 I added two stackable storage bins from Home Depot and a three drawer plastic stand that holds his overflow legos, army men and toy guns.  This got all of that mess off from his floor and organized into one neat space.  We are also utilizing the wire bins on the side for some of his smaller toys and writing supplies.  The top shelves are still a bit cluttered – I have a bundle of Mason’s old clothes to hand off to his younger cousin and off course his Daddy Pig Costume is hanging out till Halloween. I also added two more stackable bins under his bed for dress-up clothes.
The shelf above use to be part of the desk.  We cut the top off about an inch behind the shelf and then placed it up against his wall for more storage.
I painted this bi-plane artwork using canvases from Consumer Crafts.
Using 12″ cardboard letters from Consumer Crafts and more free maps,  I made these fun Mod-Podged letters.
Mason didn’t want to give up his Transformers so they are doing a little recon work throughout the room.  Optimus hides behind the door so my son can see him at night and there a few of the smaller ones hidden throughout the room.
The new arrangement left more floor space for my little guy to play with all his fun toys.
I definitely think we utilized the space better than we had before… and don’t you just LOVE the striped curtains?  I think they are my favorite part.