I don’t spend a lot of time decorating for Valentine’s Day, but I do enjoy crafting, so when I found a mini pallet I decided that it would work perfectly as a Valentine’s Day Wood Pallet Sign! It is small and easy to make and customize and fits perfectly on a shelf or side table.

DIY Valentine's Day Pallet Sign

Isn’t it cute? The best part is that there are no special skills required to make this little sign. If you can wield a glue gun, you can make this! Let’s get started!


Darice Craft Jute Cord
6″ x 6″ Darice Wood Pallet
Darice Craftwood 1.5″ Letters
Darice Glue Gun
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush

DIY Valentine's Day Pallet Sign

With a very wet paint brush, paint the pallet. This will give the wood more of a “stained” appearance. If the paint is going on too thick, just add more water to your brush. Paint the top and all four sides of the wood pallet sign.

DIY Valentine's Day Pallet Sign

Set the pallet aside to dry and paint the wood letters using the acrylic paint colors of your choice.

DIY Valentine's Day Pallet Sign

Allow both pallet and letters to dry completely. Using hot glue, attach jute craft cord around the edge of the pallet.DIY Valentine's Day Pallet Sign

Attach buttons to all four corners with hot glue. Hot glue the letters in to place.DIY Valentine's Day Pallet Sign

That’s it! I told you it is simple! Display it on a side table, on your mantle, or add some additional jute to the top so that you can hang it from a hook, or even use command strips to hang it on the wall.

Crafting doesn’t need to be hard – it can be easy and still make a great impact, plus it allows you to spend some time for yourself, which is allows important!DIY Valentine's Day Pallet Sign

If you like this pallet sign I definitely recommend that you check out my All You Need Is Love Cedar Plank Sign that hangs in my dining room! I share a free stencil so you can make your own.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Originally posted on Live.Craft.Love in January 2017 where I was a paid contributor.