I love inexpensive and simple Holiday crafts. I was brainstorming ideas to share for my local news craft segment in October when I remembered a classic Halloween Ghost Craft – the Cheesecloth Ghost! This is a beginner level craft that anyone can pull off – I even involved my six year old when choosing accessories – she is the one who wanted to add a bow to make the ghost a girl. And she choose google eyes over the black felt option I had also given her. 

DIY Cheesecloth Ghost - Make 2 for $5

These little guys or super easy to make and there are so many ways to customize them – add wire to your form to create “arms”, add a mouth, hang them from a ceiling, or stand them up as you see above! Today I’m going to show you the easiest method and all you’ll need is:


Large plastic bottle – I used a Powerade bottle, but a 2 liter soda bottle is perfect too

Styrofoam ball – mine was 4″

Heavy Starch

Google Eyes or black felt

Ribbon or Washi Tape (optional)

Hot Glue Gun

I purchased a 3 yard package of cheesecloth and was able to make 2 ghosts for only $5!

DIY Cheesecloth GhostGo outside or lay down some newspaper and then place the styrofoam ball onto the mouth of your bottle. Unfold the cheesecloth and then drape it over the ball and bottle, making sure a nice amount gathers at the bottom. Trim the cloth. Drape a second sheet of cloth the same way and again trim. Set aside the excess cloth.

Halloween Ghost Craft

Spray the whole thing with a nice amount of starch, saturating the cheese cloth. Gather the cloth along the bottom so that it is scrunched and bunched the way you want it. You can also crinkle the cheesecloth around the ghost as you see fit. Set aside to dry. If you want to help the process along, use a blow dryer. Once dry, test the stiffness of the cloth, if you can remove it from the ball and bottle and it still stands, then you are good to go. However, I usually like to hit it with a second round of starch just to ensure it lasts until Halloween! Again, set aside to dry completely.

Once your ghost is dry and standing on it’s own, remove the bottle and styrofoam ball. Glue on some google eyes or cut black circles from felt to create the eyes. If you want to make a girl ghost, make a bow out of ribbon or washi tape and glue to the top of her adorable little see-through head!

DIY Cheesecloth Ghost

That’s it! You have a cute and adorable ghostly pair to haunt your house till Halloween!

Check out the craft segment below:
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