Here is my little contribution to CREATIVITY WEEK.  I have loved all of the great tutorials that these wonderfully inventive women have shared with us and I hope you are enjoying them as well.
I love to use flowers as embellishments.  There are so many great ways to make flowers out there, and I just came up with one more… I got out some scraps and played around and this is the result:
Very simple, versatile and most of all, cute!
Materials needed: 
Ribbon of varying widths, or as I used for this tut, scraps of fabric cut into strips (I cut mine 1/4″ wide x 14″ long.  For a bigger flower, cut them wider/longer), hot glue or fabric glue, button (optional)
Layer your ribbon one on top of the other.
Sew across the top and braid.  You can tape down your tail or just put the ends in your mouth and braid (as I did! Don’t you love my self portrait as I braided, ribbon in mouth, one hand holding ribbon as the other takes a pic?  Yes, I’m a GREAT multi-tasker!).
Sew across the end to secure the braid.
Add a dab of glue to the end and begin to roll, adding glue as you go.
Glue the ends to the side, add embellishments and you have a sweet little flower. (oops!  Got ahead of myself and forgot to take a picture, but easy enough to figure out).
I added one of mine to a pre-purchased headband with a green felt leaf.  I also sewed a loop of elastic onto the back of my other two to create adorable rings.
These are so quick I think I’m going to go whip up some multi-colored ones for my all the little girls in my life!
Happy Crafting and make sure to come back tomorrow for more of CREATIVITY WEEK and a giveaway from MOI!