DIY Geometric Earrings and Pendant

I discovered how much fun clay can be as a medium last year and since then I’ve played with a few times. Last weekend I had a bit of free time and wanted to create something, so I pulled out my clay and came up with this Geometric Earring and Necklace Set. What do you think? Would you wear them? I love them! They have some of my favorite things right now – triangles, pale blue, gold!

Want to make a set for yourself? Let’s get started!

SUPPLY LIST (includes affiliate links):

Polyform Clay – two colors of your choice

Clay Knife or blade

Rolling Pin

Necklace Chain

Jump Rings

Earring Findings

Super Glue

The first step is to condition your clay. Roll it, twist it, warm it between your hands until it is easy to mold. I also laid a piece of wax paper over my work surface.

Clay Earring Tutorial

Clay Earring TutorialClay Earring TutorialRoll two small balls of clay – about 1/4″ in diameter. Now press them flat with your thumb – make sure to use the same amount of pressure on each ball so that they end up to be about the same thickness. From this flattened circle, cut a triangle. To make sure each are the same size, I placed the two flattened balls side-by-side and used my blade as a guide while cutting (see pictures above).

How to make clay earringsNext, roll a ball of clay using your second color. It should be about 1/2″ in diameter. Go ahead and flatten this like you did before.

Clay Earring TutorialCut the circle in half and place the straight edge up against the top of your triangles.

Clay Earring TutorialUsing a rolling pin, lightly roll across the crease of the two clays so that they meld together. Don’t worry if you’re triangle gets a smidge warped – we’ll fix it in the next step.

Clay Earring Tutorial

How to make clay earringsI fixed my triangles by trimming off a small amount on the sides and then cutting straight across the gold to form the finished triangle.

Now it’s time to bake! Follow the directions on the box – mine went in for 1/2 hour at 275 degrees.

After the earrings were done baking, I pulled them out of the oven and let them cool. I then used Super Glue to adhere the gold earring findings to the back. Let dry and your done!

Clay Pendant TutorialTo make the pendant I followed a similar process – sorry, no pictures… I accidentally deleted them! Can you believe that?  I made a 1/2″ round ball of gold and a 1″ round ball of the blue and then pressed both flat. I trimmed straight across the bottom of the blue and straight across the top of the gold. I placed the trimmed pieces butt up against each other and then used the rolling pin to meld the two pieces. After that, I cut out the rectangle shape and added a hole at the top. Bake and cool. I then added a jump ring and attached to a chain and I had myself a pretty cool geometric earring and necklace set!

DIY Geometric Earring and Pendant Tutorial