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Last week was a busy week for us. We spent the week unpacking and settling into our new house. That included me decorating and really making the new house feel like home. I was like the tazmanien devil – here, there and everywhere! So when my laptop died and I couldn’t find my power cord, I was really frustrated! I had just finished the vinyl door sign for my son’s room and wanted to surprise my husband with one for his Man Cave, which has been a joke among our family. I get the whole house, he gets the unfinished room in the basement. Not to be deterred, I decided to finally give the mobile Cricut iPad App a go. I have an iPhone 6 Plus, so it is big enough to use with the app and I will say, I was impressed! Nothing like crafting on the go with Cricut!

Man Cave Vinyl SignThis was a super simple project to make. I used a Cricut Font for “The Man Cave” and then created a rectangular border around that. I attached them together, hit go and sent it via a Bluetooth Adaptor to the Cricut. Within 5 minutes I had my vinyl in hand and applying it to the door! If you like this sign and have Cricut Design Space, click here to access the Man Cave File!

Later in the week I was working on several projects at once. My laptop was upstairs and I was being lazy, so I whipped out my phone again and created a stencil so that I could paint this fun Ski Lift sign for our built-ins:

DIY Wood Sign with Cricut Mobile iPad App

Again, a super simple project that took about 5 minutes to create and cut! If you like this sign and have Cricut Design Space, click here to access the Ski Sign File!

And if you are looking for quality vinyl at affordable prices, I recommend Expressions Vinyl. You can buy it by the sheet or by the roll, so if you only need a square of 12×12 vinyl, you can easily pick it up for just a few dollars. They have tons of color options, and different types of vinyl. I will only be purchasing my vinyl from them in the future!

I will definitely continue to use the Cricut App from now on! It was fairly easy to work with, and would be even more so on my iPad. It is as feature-rich as the web browser version too, which surprised me!

Have you tried the Cricut Mobile App? What did you think?