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Am I the only one that has the hardest time finding key racks? I couldn’t find one I liked in the old house, so ended up making a simple book page key rack. When we moved I left it in place for the new owners. As I started to look for one for the new house, the struggle came back! This time I created a super simple DIY Arrow Key Rack that I absolutely adore.

DIY Rustic Key Rack

Darice has a new product line of decorative barn wood letters and shapes, and when I saw the Barn Wood Arrow on Consumer Crafts, I knew that it was destined to be my new key rack! As soon as the arrow arrived I was already ecstatic about my purchase. It was as cute in person as it was on the computer screen. Follow along to see how I turned this sweet little piece into an even better key rack!


DIY Arrow Key RackBarn Wood Arrow

Tea Cup Hooks (make sure you get a smaller size hook so that it doesn’t go all the way through the arrow. I totally forgot and picked up bigger hooks so wasn’t able to screw them all the way through)

White Paint and Paint Brush (optional)

Fine Grit Sandpaper (optional)

3M Velcro Command Strips (optional)

DIY Barn Wood Arrow Key RackI decided I wanted to lighten up the arrow just a tad, so I painted the edge portion white.

DIY Key RackAfter allowing the paint to dry completely, I took a fine grit sandpaper and sanded some of the white paint off, creating the perfect rustic look.

DIY Key RackNext I measured where I wanted my hooks to be.

DIY Rustic Arrow Key RackI added 4 hooks and placed them 2.5 inches apart. Simply screw the hook directly into the arrow. Use a little muscle to get started – the screw should have to problem going right in.

Hang your key rack with 3M Command Strips!I hang EVERYTHING in my house with 3M Command Strips – the velcro kind. No nail holes and easily changed out. I used (2) 12 pound capacity strips on the back of my arrow.

DIY Rustic Arrow Key Rack