Open Floor Plan

As you may or may not know, we are in the process of building a home. It is a huge and daunting task, but I am so excited! We purchased our current home 7 years ago, when I was 25 and pregnant with our 2nd child. At the time it fit our needs, but with two additional children, it just doesn’t work as well anymore. My biggest complaint? The size of the main floor. Our house is large, over 2000 square feet, but it is mostly bedrooms. Our master is HUGE. But I don’t need the space upstairs! I need it where we spend most of our time – on the main floor. My second biggest complaint? The KITCHEN! It doesn’t have enough counters or cupboards, there is no pantry and there is no island. We have an eat in kitchen and no space to add a large table, so when my whole family comes over (I have 5 siblings remember), we are spread throughout the house eating. Plus my children LOVE to bake. Every time they visit my mom it is one of the first things they ask her to do! It’s something she did with me as a child and something she does with all of her grandchildren (all of at the same time even!). When we were very small we’d just take off our shirts, climb onto the counter with a bowl in our laps and we would help her make something. We loved cracking the eggs and pouring the liquids, stirring and of course, licking the bowls. I love watching my kids do the same thing that I remember doing… but we don’t do that at home because I don’t have counter space for everyone to gather around!

Since we are building, I was able to customize the plans to our needs and I am so excited to build an open floor plan with a kitchen, breakfast nook and great room. We will also have a dining room and living room that are a bit more closed off.

I am mostly excited to create a kitchen that will fit our needs more – with more cupboard space and an island where we can gather and bake and chat! Plus I want it to be pretty, like the picture below. I want the heart of our home to be a place we all enjoy being. And of course part of making it pretty is having the right appliances. My husband and I have been debating what type to get for the new house. We were arguing over stainless steel. He wanted it, I didn’t. When I came across GE‘s Slate appliances, I got super excited. I love the finish and the color and thought they would look amazing in the kitchen that I have planned. I sent a link to my hubby and he agreed 100%. I was shocked, because honestly, that doesn’t usually happen for us!

Beautiful white kitchen

(This is almost exactly the way I want my kitchen except I’m thinking a dark grayish quartz or granite counter top!)

Have you seen GE Slate appliances? They are a dark matte so hide little fingerprints and smudges (hello! 3 kids!) and they match perfectly to most of today’s finishes. The only wrinkle is that they don’t carry a trash compactor in the line. I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to do about that. I’m thinking I might go with white to match the cupboards, but I’ll cross that bridge when the time comes. For now, I’m just excited that I was able to find the perfect appliances for our new home! I think they will fit in beautifully and I know they will work as expected, because I’ve had GE in the past.

Which fridge style do you prefer?

Now I have a question for all of you! What type of fridge should I get? I really want a water/ice dispenser in the door and there are two available options in the Slate: French Door or Side-by-Side. Do you have either of those styles? What are the pros and cons?

Have you seen GE’s new webisodes, Our American Kitchen? The webisodes capture the story of American’s in the heart of the home and how so much of American’s lives play out in the kitchen.

Watch the videos via GE’s YouTube Channel.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of GE Appliances. The opinions and text are all mine.