I’m Tricia from Take 10 With Tricia. Recently I was asked to help a friend with her daughter’s first birthday. She had an adorable “first birthday” onesie that had Minnie Mouse ears on it with a big red bow. She asked me to make a matching red with white polka dot bow for her daughter’s hair. Well, I did that…and took it a step further. Every Minnie lover needs a Minnie Mouse Hair Clip!

DIY Minnie Mouse Hair Clip & Headband

Do you need one too? I photographed the entire process so that you can easily follow along. I used 3/8″ ribbon for the entire project.


Minnie Mouse’s Headband

3 3/4 inches of black ribbon
3 inches
2 1/4 inches
Minnie Mouse’s Ears
2 inches
1 1/2 inches
You also need enough ribbon to cover whichever type of hair clip you are going to put it on. I used a double alligator and covered it with about 6.5 inches of pink with white polka dots ribbon. The final piece of pink is for the “bow” on Minnie’s head. I ballparked that. I use hot glue for everything.
Create circles out of all 7 of the black ribbon.
Layer the circles to create the head and two ears.
Attach the ears to the head.
Cover the alligator clip with the ribbon. To create the mini bow, simply fold each side into the center and glue in place.
Add a small piece of white ribbon around the center to finish the bow.
Attach to the head and ears.
Glue the Minnie Head to the alligator clip.
That’s it! The Minnie Mouse Hair Clip is complete! Use it alone or add it to a ribbon woven headband for a gorgeous hairpiece.
DIY Minnie Mouse Hair Clip & Headband
Learn how to make a ribbon wove headband with Hair Hardware.
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