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I’m Tricia from Take 10 With Tricia
I’m so thrilled to be here for Disney Love Week at seven thirty three.
Recently I was asked to help a friend with her daughter’s first birthday. She had an adorable “first birthday” onesie that had Minnie Mouse ears on it with a big red bow. She asked me to make a matching red with white polka dot bow for her daughter’s hair. Well, I did that…and took it a step further. Every Minnie lover needs a Minnie Mouse clippie. 
Do you need one too? The steps are easy. I had to make another one, but in hot pink. So I photographed the steps below for anyone that wants to copy the process. I used 3/8″ ribbon for all of it.
Minnie Mouse’s Head:
3 3/4 inches of black ribbon
3 inches
2 1/4 inches
Each of Minnie Mouse’s Ears (so do this twice):
2 inches
1 1/2 inches
You also need enough ribbon to cover whichever type of clippie you are going to put it on. I used a double alligator and covered it with about 6.5 inches of pink with white polka dots. The final piece of pink is for the “bow” on Minnie’s head. I ballparked that. I use hot glue for everything.
One of my friend’s helped me figure out how to put this clippie together.
It’s one she’s been making for awhile now.
However, I also found some great and extremely detailed instructions here as well:
For Minnie Mouse and LOTS of other cool clippies.
And for the ribbon woven headband to complete the whole look, go here: