I hope you’ve enjoyed Disney Love Week.  I am returning home today after a full week of fun.  We have had a blast!  If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen some of the fun.  I’ll try to do a quick recap post at some point.  Now onto the last of our Disney related tutorials:
Hello Friends at seven thrity three!  I’m so happy to be here!  If you notice my blog design, it was done by… you guessed – seven thirty three – – – custom blog design

 My name is Kristen and I write over at Busy Kids = Happy Mom.  I write about the fun and practical things I do with my school-age kids.  I’m a part-time Reading Specialist and a mom, designer, photographer, cook, cleaner, driver, and wife!  I love all things Disney and am happy to share these hair clips or pins with you.

Do you love Mickey and Minnie?  We do! 

-black stiff felt sheet (sold in sheets at craft store)
-black knit fabric (think t’shirt fabric)
-red ribbon
-Mickey pattern (or cut one out with one large circle and 2 small ones)
-glue gun

1.  Cut out your paper pattern and hold it in place on the felt as you cut around it.

2.  Cut a 1 inch wide strip of fabric (leave it long, you can cut off what you don’t need)

3.  If you’ve never made rosettes before, here are the very simple steps.

Note:  I used a white felt circle here so that you could easily see the steps.  In the actual Mickey above, we used black felt.  1.  Start your flower with and end of your fabric and a dot of glue.  2.  Continue to twist, glue, and move around the circle.  Press in place and hold when needed.  3.  Glue all the way up to the edge.  Done!

4.  Make the large center rosette first and then the two little ears.  

5.  Tie a bow and then glue it in place.

1. Kids helped with this project, but it was really a 4-hand project.  One person rolled the fabric and the other glued.  We attached them to hair clips and headbands for the girls.  The boys just wanted one too…. maybe they can be bookmarks?

2. Don’t worry about the edges of the fabric, it all blends in.  

3.  This project is pretty forgiving.  If you’ve got some weird glue blobs, you can just cut them off or add some fabric on top of it.  Don’t worry about the back either!
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