I’m excited to have the ladies behind Chameleon Girls here to share how they made this GORGEOUS Rapunzel Wig! It is simple to do and I know you can make one too! Read on to find out how.
DIY Rapunzel Wig from Chameleon Girls via @733blog
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden hair.
What little girl does not wish to have hair as long and flowing as Rapunzel?
Every little Rapunzel needs her golden hair,so we are here to help.
DIY Yarn Wig
DIY Rapunzel Wig
 Let’s have some fun andmake a Rapunzel wig.
You will need:
1 skein – yellow/gold yarn
flowers – purple (Dollar Tree)
5/8″ ribbon – purple
measure tape
hot glue/gun
2 rubber bands
2- rocks or heavy objects
1 willing partner (this helps a lot)
Measure your little Princesses head, or use this handy dandy chart:
6-12 months – 17″-18.5″
12-24 months – 19.5″-20.75″
2-4 years – 20.75″-21.25″
4-8 years – 21.5″-22″
Then add how long you wish the hair to be.
Our wig was for a 3 year old so we went with21″ and added length to measure 60″.We wanted long hair, but not long
enough for her to trip over.
Because Dolly wanted to play we worked on a table, but the floor would work just fine for very long hair.
 Place a strip of tape on each end of the area you are working at.
Now roll the yarn to each strip of tape.This is were the partner will come in handy.
Back and Forth
Back and Forth
Back and Forth
The rock/heavy object helps the yarn stay in place.We used 1/2 of a pound skein of yarn for our wig.
Once you have what you think is enough yarn cut the loops.
Cut 1 strip of ribbon the length of your yarn.
(I know their are 3 strips, but we perfered it with just 1.)
Tie a strip of yarn around 1 end.
Divide the yarn into 3 strips and place the ribbon on the center strip.
Braid the 3 strips.
Make sure the ribbon is on top while braiding.
(we did not get pictures of us braiding)
When you get to the end tie off with a strip of yarn.
Using the width of head place end were it will meet up with the “tail”to make a crown and secure with a rubber band.
Secure bottom of “tail” with rubber band.
Now give your hair a trim.
Tie ribbon at crown and end.
Add your flowers securing with hot glue.
Now you have a wig for your little princess Rapunzel.
Cecilia was so cute she stuck her head out ofher play house and asked “who is going to climb my hair”
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 “Now I’m here, blinking in the starlight
Now I’m here, suddenly I see
Standing here, it’s all so clear
I’m where I’m meant to be”