My 5 year old daughter wants to get her ears pierced SO bad… but she is too afraid. She has literally sat in the chair three times now. She makes it to the part where they go to add the little purple dot to her ear and she bolts. Seriously. Jumps OUT of the chair and runs. She received a pair of Christmas clip-on earrings two Christmas’ ago and keeps asking if I can make her a pair. I finally decided after her last bolt from the chair that I would go ahead and make her some. I picked up the clips at Joann’s – though I was a bit bummed that they didn’t have a smaller option.

How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookie EarringsI asked my daughter what she wanted for earrings and she chose cookies. Well, first she said apples, probably because I had just made a pair a Snow White Pendant Necklace with Apple Earrings, but she ended up deciding on cookies. These would actually be ideal post earrings, but they work OK as clip-ons, as long as you don’t mind seeing part of the clip (I have since found smaller clip-on findings that would not show any part of the clip – I’ve linked to an affiliate link in the Supply List below).

Want to make a pair? Let’s get started.


Tan and Black Clay

Earring Posts or Clip-on Findings

Super Glue

How to make Chocolate Chip Cookie EarringsFirst you will need to condition your clay. I used Sculpey Polyform clay. To condition it you just roll it around, squeeze it, twist it – get it nice and warmed up. Once the clay is easy to manipulate, break off a small piece and roll two balls about 1/4″ in diameter each.  I laid wax paper on my table and placed the balls on top of that. With your thumb, gently flatten the balls until you get a vaguely dome shaped circle. Try to apply the same pressure to each ball so you get about the same size earrings.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Earring TutorialNext you are going to break of teeny-tiny pieces of black, roll them between your pointer and thumb and drop them randomly on your “cookies”.

How to make Chocolate Chip Cookie EarringsOnce you have all of your chips in place, press lightly so that they flatten out.

Now we are ready to bake. I use a disposable aluminum pan to bake all of my clay pieces. Do not use the same pan you cook on! Follow the directions on the box for temp and time – mine baked at 275 degrees for 30 minutes. Set aside and let cool.

DIY Clip On EarringsLastly, using a strong adhesive (I used a super-thin layer of Gorilla Glue Super Glue), adhere the earring post to the chocolate chip. Once dry, they are ready for wearing!

DIY Kids Clip On EarringsSuch an easy, kid friendly piece of jewelry to make – this would be a fun craft to do with the person you are making them for!

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