These DIY Alligator Noise Makers are super simple and inexpensive to make and kids have a blast playing with them! If you’re looking for a rainy day boredom buster, give these adorable little reptiles a try! Use them in a marching band, or as a puppet – the sky, and your imagination is the limit! I know that sometimes as parents we steer clear of anything that will make excess sound, but I promise these aren’t TOO loud and kids really have a blast with them. So if you’re looking for a quick and simple craft that the kids will be excited to use afterward, keep reading!

DIY Alligator Noise Maker Kids Craft

DIY Noise Maker Supplies:

Two Sheets of Foam – one white/one green
Google Eyes
Elastic Thread
Hot Glue

DIY Alligator Noise Maker Kids Craft

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