My daughter is all about American Girl Dolls, which is so stinking nostalgic for me! I was HUGE into AG Dolls when I was little – I loved them and played with them all the time. They came with me everywhere! My two dolls, plus 4 other dolls that were my sisters when they were little, have been hanging out in my daughters room since we moved last August. I put them under her built-in desk when we moved in because I had no where else to put them. Just this past month Olivia discovered them and she has been carrying around one doll ever since. Felicity, seems to be her favorite, and she has been going EVERYWHERE we go. My daughter gets her put into PJ’s at night, she lines her’s and Felicity’s slippers up at the bottom of her bed ladder when they climb in, she get’s her dressed each morning, and of course since it’s been such a cool spring, she makes sure that Felicity has her coat and hat on when we leave the house. Since I’m planning a trip to the American Girl Doll Store in Boston for her birthday, I decided it would be fun to make her DIY Baby and Me Matching Shirts that they can wear for our trip!

DIY Baby and Me Matching Shirts TutorialCute right? I guess you could call them coordinating since they aren’t the same exact shirt. 10 points to whoever can name the song that these reference! I’m sure you’ve heard it a billion times by now – and it happens to be a favorite of my daughters, so I’ve heard it a billion and one!

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Youth T-ShirtDoll Shirt or Newborn Onesie
Cricut Explore
Iron-On Vinyl
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Doll & Me Shirt Cricut Design Space File

Cricut Design Space T-Shirt Designs

I designed the shirt in Cricut Design Space and sent the design to my Cricut Explore where it cut the designs out of iron-on glitter vinyl. Now I’m not going to lie, the weeding of the teeny-tiny doll shirt lettering was not a whole lot of fun, but I perservered and I love how cute these shirts turned out!DIY Baby and Me Matching Shirts TutorialSo what did I use for the AG Dolls shirt? A premie onesie! Though I think a newborn one would work well, and might make it a bit easier for the child to take the shirt on and off.

Turn a Newborn Onesie into an American Girl Doll ShirtI used a shirt that fit the doll and lined it up on the onesie. The shirt I used was a PJ top, which was a bit shorter than I wanted this shirt to be, so I just added an inch and cut the bottom of the onesie off.

Turn a Newborn Onesie into an 18" Doll ShirtI then stretched the bottom of the shirt a bit and ta-da! A shirt for an AG Doll. The onesies came in a package of three, so Olivia and I will be making her doll a couple of more shirts.

See how simple? If you have a doll loving child, then you really should give this a go! For $4 worth of shirts and iron-on vinyl I already had on hand we ended up with adorable and custom Baby and Me Matching Shirts!