Every parent knows the frantic scramble of Spirit Week. The costumes, the themed days, and of course, Crazy Hair/Hat Day. This year, my 11-year-old daughter delivered the classic last-minute plea: “Mom! It’s Crazy Hat Day tomorrow, and I have nothing!” Of course it’s all out crisis mode.  She can’t go to school without showing spirit! Fear not! We pulled together something that actually turned out pretty amazing… a DIY Disney Themed Crazy Hat!

So fear not, fellow parents! With a little creativity and some household items, you can whip up a winning hat in no time with a little help from your craft supplies and your childs toy bin!


DIY Disney Themed Crazy Hat Idea

How to Make a Wild Hat for School

Here’s what I used to create my daughter’s Disney-themed crazy hat:

Old baseball cap
Fabric scraps
Craft embellishments (sequins, buttons, anything that sparkles!)
Disney-related trinkets and toys (mini figurines, character ears – the possibilities are endless!)
Glue gun

Disney Wild Hat Idea

I started by transforming the hat itself. Using fabric scraps and hot glue, I gave it a base layer of sparkly tulle and then wrapped it in colorful sequins.

Side view of Disney Themed Crazy Hat

Now for the star of the show – the Disney touch! We had a collection of small Disney figurines that were the perfect size for the hat. I also added some google eyes and pearls to make it more whimsical. Minnie Mouse ears leftover from a Disney on Ice show added the final touch of magic.

DIY Disney Themed Crazy Hat Idea

Once finished I trekked upstairs to my daughter’s bedroom where she had been tucked in for the night.  I turned on her light and presented her with the hat and got a big “THAT is SOOO cool!” Definitely makes it worth the effort to see that she appreciated it.

When I picked her up from daycare I asked her what people thought of her hat and she was like, “I literally had 40-50 people stop me to look at my hat, Mom.  Everyone was asking how the heck we made it.   And they thought it was really cool.”  Turning a boring old hat into a DIY Disney Themed Crazy Hat not only saved the day but also solidified my status as her hero – at least for that day!

Have you ever made any Crazy Hats for your kids? I’d love to hear about them!