My staple gym outfit is leggings, a tank top and a sweatshirt. I always start with my sweatshirt on until I get warmed up. Once I’m sweating, I take it off during weight lifting and then put it back on so that I can sweat for cardio. I’ve determined that I really like the good ole Fruit of a Loom mens sweatshirts from Walmart. They’re comfortable and loose and soft. But they’re plain, so I’ve taken it into my own hands to add a little sass to them! I already shared my DIY Nope, Not Today one, which is still my favorite. Today I’m sharing my DIY Beast Mode Sweatshirt. The manager at our gym coined the phrase for me months ago and now every time I walk in I hear “BEAST MODE!” I go hard at the gym, giving it my all each time, so it does fit and I embrace it.
DIY Beast Mode Sweatshirt with Cricut Maker

I’m not one to wear a lot of red, but I had bought a new pair of black leggings and decided that a Beast Mode Sweatshirt needed an aggressive color, so red it was. And I LOVE the combo of the red with the black leggings and my black and white Adidas.

DIY Beast Mode Sweatshirt with Cricut Maker

Are you ready to go “Beast Mode” in the gym? Then read on to learn how I made this DIY Beast Mode Sweatshirt.

Cricut Cutting Machine (I used the Maker)
Cricut Design Space
Iron On Vinyl
Cricut EasyPress or Iron

This sweatshirt was super simple. I opened Cricut Design Space, found the font (Every Day Fonts – Something t0 Shout About) I wanted to use and literally typed in BEAST, duplicated that and changed it to MODE. I resized the two so that they stacked on top of each other perfectly and then sent it to my machine to cut. Doesn’t get much simpler than that!

Once the iron on vinyl was cut, I weeded out the extra, placed it on my sweatshirt and pressed it with my EasyPress.

DIY Sweatshirt with Cricut Maker

Seriously easy stuff. If you don’t have a Cricut Maker I highly recommend adding it to your Christmas list. It’s a crafters dream! I love creating custom hats, shirts, sweatshirts, pillowcases, etc. It’s easy to throw together Halloween costumes last minute, add personalization to Christmas stockings and more!

So that’s the story of my Beast Mode Sweatshirt. No let’s head to the gym and throw around some weights!