Fitness is a big part of my life. I love to work out. I love to challenge myself and my body, and I love seeing my body change. I’m approached day after day at the gym, at work, via text, from others that are trying to change their body and want to know what I’m doing. Since I already have a platform that is to inspire others, I decided I’m going to start sharing some fitness stuff here. I hope you’ll stay, check it out, and maybe give some of it a try! Today I’m sharing two Rear Delt Exercises to get you started.

Fitness Transformation and Journey

I still craft, but not nearly as much as when my kids were younger. I’ll still share crafty DIY’s, but my content may be heavier on foods, fitness, and fashion moving forward. This is my blog and it reflects my life, and at this point in my life, I’m finding the desire to inspire others to be healthy and happy in their skin. And to PUSH themselves harder than they thought possible. I hope you enjoy the ride and I’d LOVE to hear your questions. Is there something you need help with? Are you just starting out? Don’t know where to start? How can I help you? And I have an amazing resource in my boyfriend, who will also be sharing some content along the way.

So let’s kick this off by addressing an often overlooked and underdeveloped muscle – the posterior or rear deltoid (rear delts). The anterior and lateral heads of the deltoid are often worked far more than the rear delts because they’re involved in pushing and pressing exercises. This type of muscular imbalance can contribute to shoulder pain and injuries and even a hunched appearance, contributing to poor posture.

If you’re looking to start growing those rear delts, here are two options for you. Do both on shoulder day. Rear delts are a smaller muscle, so no need to overload them, just do two exercises and move on.


Rope Face Pulls on a Lat Pull Down Machine

This is a variation of a face pull that many people do on a high pulley with a rope. Using individual handles clipped together on the lat pulldown machine, sit facing away from the weight stack with your back slightly arched. Pull straight to your forehead, leading with your elbows and pulling the handles apart as you contract your rear delts. Make sure to extend your arms back all the way up to get a good stretch.

4 sets of 10 – 12 reps. 


Reverse Machine Flys Shoulder Exercise

Do 4 sets of 10 to 12 reps. Squeezing the rear delts throughout the movement.

There is no need to go heavy on either of these exercises. You won’t benefit if you have bad form as you’ll end up incorporating other muscles and not isolating the rear delts.