I love, love, love bubble umbrellas. Especially CLEAR bubble umbrellas. I just think they’re so darn whimsical. I found one on Amazon for a good price, so I went ahead and ordered it. When it arrived I realized I could make this even MORE cute by adding a fun rain-related quote. I picked a few of my fav’s and then posted them on the seven thirty three Facebook page so you all could pick the final one. Read on to see which quote I used for my DIY Decorated Umbrella and to get the free file so you can make your own!

DIY "Rain is just confetti from the sky" Bubble UmbrellaSUPPLIES:

Clear Bubble Umbrella
Outdoor Vinyl
Transfer Tape
“Rain is just confetti from the sky” File
Cricut Explore Cutting Machine

DIY Vinyl Decorated Umbrella

DIRECTIONS: rain-is-just-confetti-from-the-sky

Download the “Rain is just confetti from the sky” png file by clicking on the link in the supplies list. Save it to your desktop. Open Cricut Design Space and upload the image. Choose Moderately Complex Image and click continue. Click continue past the remove background screen and insert the image into your design mat.

Measure the umbrella to determine the size of your image. Mine was 9″ wide by 5.34″ high. Once you have the image sized correctly, send it to your Cricut Explore.

Make sure the dial is set to vinyl, load your mat and cut the design.

Carefully weed out the extra vinyl with a weeding tool. Using transfer tape, cover the entire design. Remove the backing from the vinyl and lay it onto your umbrella. With a credit card or scraper, carefully adhere the vinyl to the umbrella. I placed one hand inside the umbrella behind the vinyl to keep the umbrella in place as I got the vinyl to stick.

Now head on out and play in the rain!

What do you think? Cute right? This little beauty has a home in my car so that next time I get stuck in the rain, I’ll have a fashion forward accessory to make the day a little brighter!