Today Iā€™m going to share with you how I made the Feather Christmas Tree  that you saw in my Holiday Hot Cocoa Bar a few days ago. This is a super easy piece of Holiday decor to make. It can be done with burlap or linen, or paper as I have done.

DIY Feather Christmas TreeSupplies Needed:

Styrofoam Cone

Small Base – I used a plain round box from Michaels that cost $1

Cardstock or Fabric

Hot Glue

Paint – if you have a plain base

Cricut Explore (affiliate link for your convenience).

DIY Feather Tree using #Cricut #ExploreThe first step is to cut out a ton of feathers! I chose a simple feather from the Cricut Design Space Image Library and inserted it onto my 12×12 canvas. I made it several sizes and then duplicated those to fill the canvas. My biggest feather was 1.19″ w x 3″ h, the smallest was .59″ x 1.49″. Once all of the feathers were cut, I placed them into a pile and set them aside. It took me three sheets of 12×12 cardstock to cover the whole cone.

DIY Feather TreeIf you use the same base as me, you may want to paint it, or add spray glitter like I did, just to add a little sparkle.

DIY Feather TreeGlue the base to the bottom of the tree.

Feather Tree TutorialNow it’s time to add the feathers. I started with the biggest feathers and glued them along the edge of the bottom, overlapping so no styrofoam shows through. I then just kept adding layers up and around the tree, filling in with smaller feathers as necessary.  At the top I used the smallest feathers and had them point up to create the point of the tree. That’s it, you’re done!

DIY Holiday Feather Tree