Earlier this week I shared the Owl Themed Baby Shower I helped put together. One of our “games” was scratch off tickets so today I’m going to share how you can easily make these DIY Lottery Tickets! DIY Lottery Tickets

To recreate these Owl themed DIY Lottery Tickets you will need:

Owl Themed Printable Lottery Ticket
Mailing Seals or Packing Tape
Silver Acrylic Paint
Dish Soap
Paint Brush


After printing the cards onto cardstock, use the 1″ round mailing seals or packing tape to cover the “scratch off” area.   

Mix two parts acrylic paint to one part dish soap and paint over the seal.

Helpful Hint: separate the winners from the losers – this way come the day of the event you can either count heads and find out exactly how many winning tickets are needed and then randomly place in the winner, or you can randomly place them toward the front/middle of the whole pile to ensure SOMEONE gets the winner!

If the silver paint that you use is fairly opaque like mine, add a bit of black to the mixture, which reduces the amount of coats needed to fully cover the image.

Set cards aside to dry between each coat – it will give it a smoother finish and will actually have better coverage!

That’s it!  I had to create 50 tickets, so it took some time, but definitely worth it.

DIY Lottery Tickets are an easy to make party game!