My kids can not keep their socks on their feet. Which means they are usually put through the laundry at different times. I know I can’t be the only one dealing with this, right? Who can relate?! In an effort to keep their socks together, and not shove single socks into their drawers where they’ll wear a tall one with a short one, or a bright pink one with a black one, I bought a basket to keep in the laundry room. And because I’m extra, I went ahead and labeled it the Lost Socks Bin. Affiliate links included for your convenience.

DIY Lost Sock Bin with the Cricut Maker

Cute, right? I created a stencil using my Cricut Maker and vinyl. Once I figured out what I wanted the basket to say, I created the design in Cricut Design Space and had the machine cut out the vinyl. I carefully placed the vinyl onto the wood box, and used a paint brush and white paint to stencil on the design. I liked the way it turned out, but for a more vintage look, you could easily sand over the paint a bit. 

DIY Lost Sock Bin with the Cricut Maker

Now when I’m doing laundry, any lost socks get placed in the basket… and eventually the partner will be found. Unless my washing machine ate it… which definitely happens occasionally! I have a front loader and socks get stuck in the rubber ring and disappear. I do check it regularly… and will probably need to open up the machine at some point to do an inventory to make sure socks aren’t somewhere they shouldn’t be wreaking havoc!

Want to make your own? I’ve saved the Cricut Design Space file that I made so that you can use it too! Simply open up the file, resize according to your basket and cut!

Lost Sock Bin Stencil in Cricut Design Space