Yesterday I shared the tutorial for the Clothespin Fairy Dolls my daughter and I made. Today I am showing you how we made their DIY Milk Jug Fairy Garden!

Can you tell what we made it out of?
Want to make your own? I used everything on hand, so this little project cost me nothing, yet provided hours of fun for my daughter!
Empty Gallon Milk Jug
Leaves (fake leaves would last longer)
Hot Glue
Fake Flowers
Craft Knife


First we went into our backyard and picked a bunch of leaves off from one our trees and then we scavenged for small sticks and twigs beneath our trees. If you are planning ahead of time and not creating this on a whim like we did, I would definitely pick up some fake leaves to work with. Obviously our leaves will turn brown and brittle. Now that we know how much fun we can have with this house we are going to make another one using fake leaves.
After we had a nice pile of leaves and twigs we went into the house to get to work. All I used was a hot glue gun, the sticks and leaves and some fake baby breath that I had on hand.
Cut the door and window in the milk jug using a craft knife. Now cover the milk jug with the leaves by hot gluing them in place. I even covered the handle area so you couldn’t tell there was an indent. Just slowly go around the whole jug, layering as you go.
I used sticks to outline the window and to make “stairs” to the front door. I also glued a bunch of sticks to the top of the jug to create a roof.
At this point I was done and even photographed it, but my daughter decided it wasn’t “pretty enough”. I scoured my stash and came up with the fake baby breath which we glued around the roof and windows. She also decided we needed a door so she picked a huge leaf which we glued to the top of the door so it could be lifted to get inside (if you add a door, make sure it is glued directly to the milk jug, otherwise it will pull at the leaves it is glued too).


 My kids love the camouflage aspect of this Fairy Garden and that it blends in and really can’t be seen unless you are looking for it. They’ve had tons of fun playing with it. It has been among the trees in our backyard and in the flower garden, even inside the house. Fun to make and fun to play with!