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I needed a storage container for my dog’s food for the new house. We use to keep it in the garage in a can in the old house, but the way we set up our new garage, there wasn’t a great spot for it. I have built-in’s in my dining room and the bottom portion is actually the perfect place to keep a can of food. However, I didn’t want some ugly trash can sitting in my dining room! While at Home Goods I came across a simple white can that was perfect for my needs, and at only $15 it didn’t break the bank! I snapped it up and ran home to create the perfect DIY Dog Food Storage Container.

DIY Dog Food Storage ContainerBecause my built-ins are painted white I didn’t want the whole can white. I picked up a can of Krylon Spray Paint in Bauhaus Gold and gave the lid of the can two coats. I contemplated creating a stencil and spraying the words “Dog Food” in yellow, or even spraying the whole can yellow, but ended up deciding to keep the body white and use black vinyl from Expressions Vinyl to create the words.

DIY Dog Food CanI created the “Dog Food” vinyl on my Cricut Explore. I saved the SVG file that I created and have made it available as a free download at the bottom of this post so that if you have a cutting machine, you can recreate the label! I used Cricut transfer tape, which has lines to help ensure your words are level when applying the vinyl. I’m not a huge fan of Cricut’s vinyl, I don’t think it has the best sticking power, but their transfer tape is AWESOME because it is reusable and works really well.

Once I made sure the words were centered and level, I simply stuck them to the can, filled it with my dogs ridiculously expensive prescription food and called it a day! Now my dog food storage container matches the rest of my home decor! #lifegoalcomplete

Download the “Dog Food” Container Label SVG for use with your personal cutting machine.