I saw this picture of Katie Holmes  carrying the cutest neon stripe clutch and fell in love. I thought it would be the perfect match to my new Neon Aztec Sweater and being a DIY’er I headed to the fabric store to pick up some supplies. 
I was looking for a tan microsuede, but all they had was this brown color. I loved how it resembled leather, so I went with it. I also grabbed a bright blue zipper and some neon pink acrylic paint.
To actually sew the zippered clutch I followed The Girl Inspired’s Zipper Clutch Tutorial. Super easy to make, even with the unexpected stretchiness of the microsuede. This was only my second time sewing a zipper, but it turned out perfect. 
After sewing the clutch, I used painters tape to mark off a stripe down the center of the clutch.
I used acrylic paint and a foam pouncer and did a light coat of paint. I let that dry and followed with two more, thicker coats, allowing time to dry between each. Once the first side was dry, I did the same for the second side. Once the paint was dry, I added a ribbon pull to zipper and hit the town!
What do you think? Would you rock the neon striped clutch?
Are you into to the new aztec and neon trends?
FYI: I’m still brainstorming what to use as a sealant over the paint. There is one little spot that bends a bunch and I’ve noticed the paint cracking a tad in that area, so I’m trying to think what will work best to cover that area. UPDATE: I did some research and I’m thinking if the acrylic paint is mixed with a fabric medium (2 parts paint, 1 part medium) that might help prevent the cracking. Again – it is only in one area where there is a crease that rubs, so not a huge deal, but trying this mixture might be a good idea!
I’m not the only one getting creative with stripes!  
Several bloggers friends of mine have also drawn creative inspiration from stripes this month.  We call this group of bloggers the #CreativeBuzz since we were all brought together by Mandy over at Sugar Bee Crafts.  I am so thrilled with what they came up with and I really encourage you to stop by and check out all these wonderful striped projects – you won’t be disappointed
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