Loopy Line Fish Kids Art is a fun and simple technique that allows children to use their creativity to turn a simple line into an underwater world! My son learned this technique in school recently and was completely taken with creating drawing after drawing. This is a great way to allow a child to use their imagination. What will they see in the loopy line? A fish, an octopus, a squid, a shark, a swordfish, a dolphin, a turtle inside their shell, a turtle poking it’s head outside it’s shell?! What sort of aquatic plant life will they envision? Will they see lost treasure or a sunken ship?

Loopy Line Fish Art Technique for KidsSupplies:

Thin Black Pen, Marker or Sharpie
Colored Pencils, Crayons or Markers

Loopy Line Fish Art Technique for Kids

Follow along as I whip one up in the video below:

As you can see, this is a super simple art project. You can get as detailed as you want. Add color, made big loops and little loops, change the height of the water, place the crab on the bottom and the fish at the top, imagine a whole lively underwater world.

Loopy Line Fish Art Technique for KidsSuper simple boredom buster that kids are sure to enjoy! I’d love to see your creations! Share them on the seven thirty three Facebook page.