Last time we went to Disney I didn’t really carry much with me – I let my husband carry it all in his wallet… but that got to be a pain when we would split up and I decided it was snack time or what not.  And of course now with fast passes I want to be able to have a place to store them and also have easy access to them.  I decided a change purse on a lanyard would be the perfect solution for me.
I purchased an adorable padded card/coin purse from A Helping Hand Bag and was pleasantly surprised to find out that they were donating ten percent of each sale in August to Hope House of North Georgia,, a safe place to protect vulnerable children.

The only thing I needed was a lanyard to match so I grabbed some ribbon, picked up a clip at Joann’s and set to work:

 Put the ribbon around your neck and measure the length and trim.  Match up both ends and insert through the lanyard clip, fold over and pin.
 Sew across to secure in place.
Grab a contrasting ribbon and measure it so that it can wrap around the lanyard and trim. Fold under one edge, wrap around, right over the seam you just sewed.  Fold under the other edge and pin.
Sew across the top and bottom of the band.
 You’re done!

Super quick and super simple and does the job perfectly!
Happy Creating! ~Kim
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