When I saw this Oar while browsing online, I fell in love. Something about it spoke to me and I wanted it for my son’s room. My mind instantly went to the wall space next to his closet door, and how he could use a few hooks to utilize that space. He likes me to pick out his clothes still, so having hooks to hang his clothes the night before would be helpful. And the DIY Oar Coat Rack was born!

DIY Nautical Coat Rack

This is a super easy project that took me, start to finish, 1 hour! Want to make your own?

Wood Oar

Paint colors of your choice – I used brown, white and orange

Painters (or washi!) Tape

Paint Brush

Coat Hooks


DIY Oar Coat RackI wanted to give my oar a distressed look, so I started by painting it brown.

DIY Oar Coat RackOnce the brown was almost completely dry, I added a coat of white – having the brown just a tad wet allows the white to pull and mix some of the brown in, enhancing the distressed look.

DIY Oar Coat RackOnce the white was completely dry, I sanded down the edges and some other spots of the oar to give it the distressed look I was going for.

DIY Oar Coat RackI used washi tape (because I was out of painters!) to create stripes on the handle. I also used a star stencil to add a little interest on the end of the oar.

DIY Oar Coat RackGet creative and customize your oar however you like.

DIY Oar Coat RackOnce the orange paint was completely dry, I sanded the edges a bit to distress it and then I added the coat hooks to the oar – mine were about 5″ apart.

DIY Coat RackDIY Oar Coat RackThat’s it! You have a fun and unique DIY oar coat rack! Now to figure out what I’m going to put above it!