On Friday I shared with you the easy Lap Desk I made using a box of goodies from Arrow Fastener. Today I’m showing you another super simple tutorial where I used the Arrow Fastener TacMate Staple Gun, DIY Ribbon Wands. These are very simple to make and kids love to play with them.

DIY Gymnast Ribbon Wand

This is a straightforward and fun craft for kids to make. If your kids are like mine, they love making things with their hands. Taking something and turning it into something totally different and knowing they did it, fills them with a sense of achievement, so I’m always trying new projects with them. These DIY Ribbon Wands are perfect for little hands and are tons of fun to play with. Follow along and I will teach you and your kids how to make them!

Ribbon Wand SuppliesMaterials:

3/8″ diameter wooden dowel – mine was 48″ long, which gave me 4 wands

Ribbon of varying widths

Staple Gun

Hot Glue Gun



Although this can be a kids craft, there will be parts that only adult hands should do! Use caution when creating these with your children.

How to make a Ribbon WandThe first step is to cut your dowel into wands – I marked every 12th inch to create 4 wands.

Make a Wood Dowel Ribbon WandIf you don’t have access to a saw, you can get the employees at stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot to cut your dowel for you – as long as you purchase it there!

Ribbon Wand TutorialSand the ends of your dowel so that there are no sharp edges.

Ribbon WandChoose which ribbons you want to pair together – I used three ribbons per wand and used about 2-3 feet of each.

Ribbon WandBurn the edges of the ribbon.

DIY Ribbon WandLine the three ribbons up and then staple to the dowel. For wider ribbon I used two staples. – Make sure you know where the staple comes out of the gun so you can ensure that it is lined up correctly with the dowel – and BE CAREFUL of your fingers! I was using a new Staple Gun that I received from Arrow Fastener, so it took me two tries to finally get where exactly to place the gun.

How to make a Ribbon WandWrap the ribbon around the dowel and use the hot glue gun to secure it over the staples. I did the same for the top two ribbons so each were adhered with glue right above where I originally stapled.

Paint Dipped Ribbon WandOptional: Dip the end of the wooden dowel into a bottle of acrylic paint for a unique handle!

Ribbon Wand Tutorial

That’s it! You’re wand is done and ready for playing!

Ribbon Wand TutorialRibbon Wand Tutorial

Wouldn’t these be perfect as Princess Party Favors? The dowel was only $.99! I used ribbons from a Random Ribbon Pack from The Ribbon Retreat, which was perfect since there were so many cool ribbons! Lighter, satin ribbons work the best, the thicker patterned ribbons I used work well too. The kids have tons of fun “performing”outside with their ribbon wands… and I may have even got in on the action as well!

Patriotic Ribbon Wand

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