Sometimes we need to take the easy way out, right? We want to do something big and elaborate, but we don’t always have the time! Which is how I came up with this fun idea to gift a gift card to children. The weather here has been brutally cold (think -45 degrees with wind chill). My family also got hit pretty badly with a combo stomach bug, virus that had me and the kids in bed for 4 days. AND between the kids and I we have something going on almost every night of the week! So when my daughter was invited to her friends birthday party, I didn’t have time to put together something personal like I normally would. I decided I would just pick up gift cards and cards for the birthday girls and call it a night. But then I realized I had all the makings for slime and some plastic jars that would be the perfect fit for both slime and a gift card and this DIY Slime Gift Card Holder was born!

DIY Slime Gift Card Holder

Seriously fun! My 8 year old daughter helped me make the slime and put the jars together (hence the messy jar – I should have probably wiped them down before photographing! Whoops!) and kept saying, “I hope someone makes this for me for my birthday! This is soooo cool!” I figure that it the best endorsement I can have for an idea, so I know her friends are going to love it. Plus, what kid doesn’t want to have money in their pocket to go pick out something special for themselves? 

Learn what kind of slime we made and how simple it is by watching the video below:

DIY Slime Recipethis is actually NOT our favorite recipe, but it we thought it would look the coolest in the jar. I”ll share our favorite slime below this!

In a measuring cup combine:

1/2 cup HOT water – we use the hottest water from the faucet
1 tsp Borax

Mix until the Borax dissolves.

In a bowl:

Pour in one 5 oz bottle of clear school glue.

Add in food coloring and glitter as desired.

Stir mixture together.

Slowly add in a small amount of the Borax/water mixture.

Stir. You should immediately see the glue start to glob together.

Continue to stir and add in small amounts of the mixture until the slime becomes easy to knead and stretch. We find it easiest to stop to wash and dry our hands when our slime is almost finished. The slime tends to feel super wet, but it is typically just your hands and the mixture, so stopping to do this step helps. 

Dispose of any left over Borax mixture.

If you use too much Borax mixture, the slime will start to break a part in chunks and won’t mold back together. 

Once the slime is ready, place it inside a plastic jar. This slime is almost like Gak, so if you push it down with your fist and then start to poke at it, it will make silly noises! 

Once you’re done playing, because you WILL play, go ahead and insert the gift card, put the cap on and you’re ready to gift it!

DIY Slime Gift Card Holder

Our Favorite Slime Recipe: 

In a bowl, pour 2/3 container clear glue and 3/4 cup shaving cream. 

Add in food coloring of choice and glitter, if desired.

In a measuring cup add 1 tsp borax to 1/2 cup warm water. Stir until the Borax dissolves.

Slowly add the Borax mixture to the glue/shaving cream and stir. Continue to add Borax mixture and stir.

At some point you’ll need to start kneading with your hands.

Once it is no longer sticky, and is nice and fluffy, it is done.

Dispose of Borax mixture.

If you have more time to put together a fun gift, here is one that has been my go-to for elementary/middle schoolers:

DIY Slime Kit Gift Idea for Kids

DIY Slime Kit