We love camping. I began as a child in a tent and throughout the years ended up in travel trailers. We camp often throughout the summer and have already been once this year! Because it is such a big part of our life, I’m always looking for camping tips, recipes and activities for our camping adventures!
 25 Camping Tips, Recipes & Activities
We mostly love camping because it is just so darn relaxing, but it is also great to get the kids out into nature and out from behind all those electronics. We go on nature walks, play on swing sets, paint rocks, swim, play t-ball, make up our own games. The list goes on and on. Since the camping season is getting into full swing I thought I would turn to the world wide web to see what I could find for other camping inspiration. Of course I found a ton of great ideas, so here is a quick round-up, camping style!


Cheese S'Mores

 1. Savory Cheesy S’mores by Rook No. 17
2. 10 Best Camping Tips by Twin Dragonfly Designs

Camping Tic Tac Toe

3. Tic Tac Toe with Nature by 86 Days of Summer Vacation
4. DIY Handwash Station by The Homestead Survival 
 Perfect for tent camping!
5. Painting Rocks and Spreading the Love by Inspiration Made Simple

Scavenger Hunt Bingo

6. Eye Spy Nature Scavenger Hunt by The Joys of Boys
7. Towel Art Smock by Inspiration Made Simple
Keeps my kids clothes free of paint while doing arts & crafts at the campgrounds (painting, tie dye, etc). We always get tons of comments from other campers parents wishing they had thought of it! 

Nature Craft

8. Color Diffusing by Twin Dragonfly Designs
9. DIY Pre-Made Firestarts (and a great bug repellent tip) by Intuition Physician
10. Glow Stick Fun by Momma Did It

Campfire Banana Boats

11. Banana Boats, Campfire Style by The V Spot 

12. Really Useful Family (Tent) Camping Checklist by Adventureroo
13. Camping Camp Toilet Paper Dry by AOJ Outdoor Tips

Walking Tacos - My kids beg for these every time we camp!

14. Walking Tacos by Unsophisticook
15. Tent Camping Cooking Supplies by Go Gingham
16. Glow Stick Mason Jars by Intimate Wedding

Campfire Quesadillas

17. Campfire Quesadillas by Dirty Gourmet
18. DIY Light Up Firefly Craft at Apartment Therapy
19. Baby Food Jar Matchbox by Craftaholics Anonymous
20. Soda Bottle Mosquito Trap by Thrifty Fun
I’m interested to know if this actually works!
21. Printable Paper Cone Dolls by Mr Printables
I printed these off two years ago for camping and we STILL have them and ALL the kids play with them all the time! I put them in a special little box that keeps them safe and tucked away when not in use.

Dutch Oven Ham

 22. Easy Dutch Oven Ham by One Sweet Appetite

23. Colorful Walking Stick by Crafts by Amanda
24. Camping Journal by Little Pear Studio
My mom does this! They actually have camping journals you can purchase, or just make one yourself like Little Pear Studio.

Camping Birthday Party

25. Camping Birthday Adventure by My Insanity
Love this idea! We’ll be celebrating my sons 6th birthday with family on a camping trip this July.
25. Campfire Chicken Stew by Taste of Home
And one last thing! You have to have camping tchocke! It’s part of the fun.
So make sure to check out my personalized camping flag.
Do you have any tips, tricks, or activities? Leave me a comment, I want to hear what you do.

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