My daughter requested a Little Einsteins themed Birthday Party for her 3rd birthday. It is one of her very favorite shows and she especially loves June. When I saw MADE’s circle skirt tutorial I knew that I could easily create a Little Einstein’s June Inspired Dress using the skirt as a base. This is super easy to make and I am so glad I did because my little one just LOVED dressing up as June. DIY Little Einstein June Inspired Dress TutorialDo you have a June fan that you want to surprise with this fun outfit? Here’s how you make it:

Purple Fabric
Purple Fabric Dye
2″ Pink Elastic Band
Sewing Machine
MADE Circle Skirt Tutorial

DIY Little Einstein June Inspired Dress Tutorial

For the top, I dyed a white dance leotard purple. Once you have the leotard, visit the fabric store to find a purple fabric that matches as closely as possible.

Head on over to MADE and follow along with her directions to create your Circle Skirt, using purple fabric and a pink 2″ elastic band. If you can’t find a pink one, you can dye a white one pink like I did.

That’s all there is to it!

DIY Little Einstein June Inspired Dress Tutorial

Olivia knew right away that it was a “June”dress.  After playing in it all day and telling everyone she was just like June we sat down to watch an episode of Little Einsteins.  The intro starts to roll and all of a sudden she says, “MAMA!  I DO look like June!”  Melt my heart. Now how do I keep this OFF from her till her Birthday?

I will definitely be making more of these skirts.  They are super simple to create and look really sweet on!

For the tag on the back of the skirt, I used a 2″ piece of twill ribbon. I cut the wording out using freezer paper and my Cricut Craft Cutting Machine. Next, I ironed the freezer paper onto the ribbon as a stencil and used fabric paint. I removed the freezer paper and allowed the paint to dry. Once dry, I folded over the ends and sewed the tag to the back of the skirt on the elastic waist band.


DIY Little Einstein June Inspired Dress Olivia wore her June dress to our dining experience with June at Disney World and she had an amazing time! Because she had on her June dress, June gave her extra special attention! Seriously, for the majority of our meal, June was with us. During the dancing portion, she came over and grabbed Olivia and they danced together at the front of the restaurant for the whole time. It was so sweet to see her with one of her favorite characters and it really was a magical moment! She also wore her Jessie Dress while we were in Disney and Jessie gave her some extra attention during a meet and greet. If you’re child has a favorite character that isn’t one of the most popular, then having them dress the part will definitely lead to more face time!