Easter Tradition: Annual Family Egg RaceI began this fun tradition on a whim three years ago. We were killing some time before having to head to a family Easter gathering, so I grabbed some uncooked eggs, corralled the family and we headed outside for an Egg Run! You know what I mean: place an egg on a spoon, run a short distance, and the first to cross the finish with the egg on the spoon wins.

Oh my! My kids, who at the time were 3, 5 and 11 had a blast. I was referee, so my hubby participated. Fast forward to Easter Day last year, and all 3 of my kids were asking when we were going to do the Egg Run. I had forgotten about it and we were out of time, so in formal wear and all, we headed outside and ran our run! This year I am ready. And it’s getting serious! The kids are getting older and each can hold their own more or less in the race, so I whipped up an Conner Family Egg Run Trophy that will be passed on year to year to whoever wins the race! A little bit of friendly competition and fun bragging rights!

Egg Race TrophyI  scrounged around my house and came up with a large Easter egg, a jewelry box and some washi tape. Put them all together and you get the perfect tacky Easter Egg Run trophy! And the base even opens so I can put a slip of paper inside with the winner name and date! Of course you can make this anyway you like! It would be super fun with a natural stone base, with a spoon and a golden egg!

 Tacky Egg Race TrophyI showed the Trophy to my kids and they were ready to race to win it then and there. Tell me, what fun traditions do you have for Easter?

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