DIY Paper Bowl Frog Kids Craft

Hello 733 friends! I’m popping on over from Dolen Diaries to share my latest kid’s craft with you! Spring has definitely sprung here in the Pacific Northwest and my boys are obsessed with catching frogs right now! There is a creek and a few ponds close to our house and we can hear the frogs croaking away….anyone else seeing a learning opportunity here!?! To add to our frog learning adventures I thought it would be fun to make Paper Bowl Frogs!


  • 2 paper bowls {one painted yellow & one green}
  • 3 – 1″ x 12″ strips of green construction paper
  • 1 – 1″ x 12″ strip of red paper
  • 2 extra large google eyes
  • tape
  • stapler and staples
  • glue
  • pencil

Cut one of the strips of green construction paper in half.

Accordion fold all of the green strips. These will be the bouncy frog legs.

Tape the two shorter legs in the front and the longer two legs in the back to the inside edge of the yellow bowl.

Now it’s time to make that fly catching tongue!

Tightly roll the red strip around a pencil.

Slide the pencil out and you’ll be left with a big red curl.

Tape one end of the curl in between the two front legs.

Place the green bowl on top of the yellow bowl and attach the two with staples.

I like to staple on either side of each frog appendage.

Glue the google eyes on either side of the tongue and you have an adorable Paper Bowl Frog!

Paper Bowl Frog {Dolen Diaries for 733 Blog}

To really make this frog a fly catcher draw a little fly on the end of the frog’s tongue. My boys got a kick out of this!

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