If you are looking for a trendy and stylish, yet amazingly comfortable outfit, then you’re going to love my favorite comfy casual outfit! It is so simple, but I receive SO many compliments when I wear it. Wondering what it is? Black leggings, a white sweatshirt with a black pleather puffer vest, tall white socks, and Chuck Taylor All-Stars – or Chucks as we called them growing up.

Black leggings, white sweatshirt, black vest, white socks with White Chucks

I know, so basic, but seriously, this comfy outfit is perfect for all ages! I wear it traveling, on lounging days, out for errands. And I always get compliments for being so put together – when I’m wearing it on my laziest days!

Stylish comfy outfit with mid-top Air Jordans

And changing up the shoes totally changes the look of the outfit! In the photo above I paired it with some mid-top red and black Air Jordans for a more sporty look. I’ve even changed up the black leggings for a pair of blue ones with the Chucks and I love that outfit just as much. There’s just something about looking good in comfy clothes, am I right?

This outfit is perfect for Fall, Winter, and Spring and I’ll be sad when I put it away for Summer – though I am so looking forward to the ease of wearing summer dresses!

Black leggings, white sweatshirt, black vest, white socks with White Chucks

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The Air Jordan 1’s that I’m wearing are no longer available, but a very similar Black and Red Air Jordan 1 is available. And I’m sure you can find plenty of other options just by searching!