My oldest started her first day of 5th grade this past Wednesday.  I can’t believe she is already in 5th grade!  She is growing so fast and is such a sweet young lady.  We are so very proud of her.
First Day of School Picture Idea 
One of the photos I chose to do this year was to have her hold a blank white piece of cardstock so that I could super-impose her last years picture to see what a difference one year makes!  It went perfect… until I went to my external harddrive where we keep all of our photos stored… and SEPTEMBER 2010 IS MISSING, along with OCTOBER!  I checked our Google account where we store back-ups… not there either.  Next stop is to check my disc back-ups.  What did we do with them?!?   Luckily I had one of her last year photos on my facebook page, so I downloaded and used that…  OH!  And I just remembered some of them are on my digital frame… going to nab them off there now!
Here is the result:
This is the before:
And a few other shots…
Look at all those bags!  Had to bring in all the supplies for the classroom, plus soccer practice starts today and of course a nice healthy lunch!
Trust me… I could keep going.  Each year, we also take a mother/daughter shot with me holding the camera and us squishing our heads together… I treasure those ones because we laugh and giggle the whole time we do it… and this year my son wanted in, so we had to squish even more.
Here’s to school time photos!  Hopefully she’ll continue to be a good sport all the way through 12th grade!