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Remember my Craft Room Reveal from a few weeks ago?  I told you I would share how I created these simple embellished curtains:

 So true to my word, here we go.  Now I didn’t actually document how I created the curtain.  It is a simple process.  Measure your window and then cut out your fabric panel.  You will need 1 inch wider and 2.25 inches longer than your window.  On three of the sides, fold 1/4″ inch, fold again and iron so that the unfinished edge is hidden.  Sew the seam.  On the top, fold over 1/4 inch and iron.  Fold down 1.5 inch and sew along the edge, making a rod pocket.  If you are someone who needs images to follow, check out this tutorial from movita beaucoup, this is the same basic premise.

Now on to the adorable embellishment… the actual reason for this post.  You want cute curtains, right?

 First, cut out a TON of circles.  Mine were 2″ in diameter.  I used my 2″ Fiskar hole punch.  It didn’t cut through the fabric, but it made a great guideline indent!
I chose to sew my circles down the left hand side of my curtain because it was just the way I wanted it.  I think this would look great going horizontal 1/3 of the way up the curtain, or even one going vertical down the side and one going horizontal.  Whatever you want, its YOUR creation!  Place a circle as close to the top as possible (DON’T sew your rod pocket closed!).  Sew a quick line,  a 1/2″ wide back and forth.  Snip ends and move on to the next.  That’s it!
I used a piece of paper to help me line up my circles so they stayed in a straight line.  The edge of the paper should hit the middle of the circle.  I also placed the circles close together and fold the sides up and then sewed a vertical line in the middle.  I also sewed some horizontally so that the spacing was different and made the circles lay different.  Play with it and get the look you desire.
Here are all my circles all sewn on.  The top circle I actually ended up hot gluing on because I couldn’t get it close enough to the top with the rod pocket in the way.  If you want to give it a go, I bet you could do this whole process with a hot glue gun – go no-sew, I totally would have if I thought of it before hand, I mean, they ARE basement windows – they don’t get moved much!
The last step is to fray your edges.  Just pull along the edges and rip some of the threading out of the fabric.  I lightly frayed mine.
I just love how sweet these are and they are perfect for my crafty space.

Happy Creating! ~Kim

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