I’ve done it again… long time followers know that I love to throw a good party.  And I don’t like to spend big bucks doing it, so I DIY as much as I can and try to extend that dollar.  This party cost me under $80 to host (although I did a trade blog design for the cookies)!  Using items in my craft stash and purchasing items from the Dollar Store really keeps the cost down, while still allowing me a big bang. On to the party!
This past Saturday we celebrated my daughters 12th birthday with a Pajama Slumber Party.
she invited 5 of her best friends.  They came over, ate lots of sugar and snacks, watched movies, played MASH, decorated pillowcases, tattooed each other and had an overall fun time.
 Sleeping mask party invites that I created.
You fill in your information on the back of the invite, add a ribbon and you’re good to go!
Of course I had to do up a little tablescape for the party:
Crap.  I broke my hour glass while rearranging the shelf {sob}.
So I improvised with a cup and the pancake flags for breakfast the next morning.
I made a 10″ round cake and did an ombre effect frost job.
This set of goodie bags I gave to the girls as they were leaving the next morning… 
didn’t want any spilled nail polish on my basement carpet!
The cookies were provided by Lizy B.   I definitely recommend her.  I think these were the most beautiful cookies I’VE ever seen and they tasted even better.  Seriously delicious.
Pink lemonade in mason jars with cupcake liners and paper straws.  I just LOVE this look.
I got the chevron cupcake liners and bags and paper straws from Sweets & Treats Boutique.
I wrapped washi tape around punch cups and used those to serve the ice cream.
I was so surprised that the girls were REALLY excited to be served this way.
Birthday Girl enjoying a cookie and some pink lemonade!
The chevron bags held pillowcases I made for the girls to decorate with sharpie markers, MASH notepads are under that and the bakers twine completed the package. 
The next morning I cooked up some pancakes and bacon.
The girls came up to this:
With just a little moving around of the same decorations from the night before we had a festive breakfast area.
 The little portion cups holding the syrup were from Sweets & Treats Boutique.

 I made little flags to stick in the girls stacks of pancakes.
I just used washi tape and bamboo skewers.
I thought they added such a whimsical touch to breakfast.
Happy Creating! ~Kim

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