Once Christmas is over it seems that most of the outdoor decor goes away and that makes me sad so I’m going to remedy that situation! Today I’ll be sharing how to create a simple DIY Wintry Snowflake and Pine Cone Door Hanging that uses sparkly white pieces to make a beautiful piece of decor.

DIY Wintry Snowflake and Pine Cone Door Hanging

This door hanging is very simple to make and is beginner friendly! The only special tool you’ll need is a Hot Glue Gun, so let’s get started.

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DIY Wintry Door Decor

White Glitter Pine Cones
4″ White Glitter Snowflakes
White Ribbon
(3) 18″ White Berry Pearl Spray
Magnetic Wreath Hanger
Hot Glue Gun


  1. Twist together the ends of the three Berry Pearl Sprays. Spread out the limbs of the spray until you achieve the look you desire. Set this aside.

DIY Wintry Door Decor

2. Measure and cut about a 12″ length of ribbon. Hot glue one end to the back of a pine cone.

DIY Wintry Door Decor

3. Hot glue a glitter snowflake over the ribbon. (Repeat steps 2 & 3 two more times.)

DIY Wintry Door Decor

4. Take one of the pine cone/snowflake pieces and wrap the ribbon around the top of the pearl spray and hot glue in place.

DIY Wintry Door Decor

5. Repeat step 4 with the other two pieces, shortening them a little so the pine cones are a little bit higher than the first (see images below). Trim any excess ribbon.

DIY Wintry Door Decor DIY Wintry Door Decor6. Cut a 5″ length of ribbon, create a loop and hot glue it around the top of the spray.

DIY Wintry Door Decor

7. Lastly, create a simple bow out of the ribbon and hot glue it to the top of the spray.

DIY Wintry Door Hanging

Place the magnetic wreath hanger on your front door and hang your completed Wintry Door Hanging, step back and admire! I accidentally ordered a green magnetic wreath hanger, so I spray painted it white and once dry, I painted it with the blue paint from my front door. It worked perfectly and now my wreath hanger is totally invisible!

Originally seen on Crafts Unleashed, where I am a contributor.