Earlier this year I downloaded the wonderful blog planner from Infarrantly Creative.
I wanted to stay more organized in when and how I was posting, as well as have a way to better track my statistics and sponsored posts. I have it all electronically, but sometimes I like to have it in my hand and all spread out before me and electronically just doesn’t cut it for me.
Although Beckie thought out her planner carefully for her needs, it was a bit much for me. I used it for a few months and then slowly stopped using it. I found that I was mostly using the calendar and stats portion and every now and again the other parts. Plus I wanted a better way to track my expenses. This led me to design my own blog planner that was more directed toward my basic needs.

I printed out 36 double-sided pages – the calendar on the front and the miscellaneous info on the back.
I bought a cute binder from Walmart as well as some divider tabs. The first three tabs got 12 pages each and I marked the year – this binder goes to 2016. I then created an expense tab and added pages where I can keep my blog expenses. Plus I added an envelope at the very front of the expense tab where I can keep all of my receipts.

I used my Silhouette to cut out some vinyl for the front… though I may replace the silver with gold… I think it might be easier to read. BTW, did you know I’m giving away a Silhouette Cameo???!

How does the planner work?
On the calendar I keep track of all posts, as well as deadlines and other important dates. On the back is where I can create and check off my to do list and also keep notes on post ideas as they come to me, and of course keep track of both my blog and social stats and any sponsored posts I may have done. For the social stats on the last day of each month I record the number of each social stats. For example: For pageviews I go to Google Analytics and select the whole month and record that number. For Facebook I go to my page on the last day of the month and I write the number down. This way I can keep track of my growth on a monthly basis.

Download the Free Printable Blog Planner via Google Drive.
Download the Expenses Sheet via Google Drive.

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