Did you know that Staples has expanded their craft section online?
They have lots of different arts, crafts and drawing tools that are perfect for the creative types.
They even carry Cricut cartridges and scrapbooking supplies. 
Fancy duck tape? They have that.
Kids arts and crafts kits? Yup, that too.

I had a ton of fun researching the arts and crafts section of their site.
And since they gave me carte blanche on a mini shopping spree, I had a heck of a time picking product!
Let me show you what I was able to pick up for $300:

 I replenished my kids craft stock with markers, Tempera paint pens and construction paper.
I also picked up several arts and crafts kits including a Rocket Racer that you build and then power with Baking Soda and Vinegar and a tote full of miscellaneous art supplies that are perfect for the younger age set to get creative. I got myself some new pair of quality scissors that are going under lock and key (no serious, I’m going to lock the handles together like I saw here) so that they don’t get gunky with glue, or knicked from other uses! I picked the Westcott 9″ ExtremEdge Adjustable Tension Titanium Bonded Scissors and I highly recommend them! I feel like I’m cutting through butter when I use them and I like that you can adjust the tension level to what suits you.

My littles were super excited about the paints. Seriously, they are obsessed with paints, so when they saw these Tempera Paints in Marker form, they kept asking if they could paint. It took them a minute to figure out how much pressure to use so that gobs of paint weren’t coming out, but once they did they created some fun paintings that are hanging on my fridge.
They were also pretty happy when the second package arrived that contained the Sculpey clay.
The day it arrived, as soon as dinner was over, they BEGGED me to give it a go. It was a Monday and I was tired from a long day of work, but I have such a hard time when my disheveled kids ask me to craft!
We followed the directions that came with the kit and made two of the seven cute baby animals:

After baking for 15 minutes and then letting cool, these little critters were nice and hard and ready to be displayed.
I was pretty psyched to get the next item checked off my list! Microsoft Home & Office was the first item I put in my shopping cart. We recently purchased a new desktop and the majority of my blogging will start taking place there, but it didn’t come with Microsoft Office, which is a must for my behind the scenes blogging. 
I’ve had lots of people ask me what products I use for my party printables so today I’m going to give you a quick run down! For any of the labels you’ve seen (water bottle, favors, etc), I use these:

Avery Full Sheet Labels
I also like to use a quality cardstock for invites, table tents, cupcake toppers and other party decor.
I typically go with:

 Hammermill 60 lb. Cover Stock
Both of these are available at Staples which is where I typically purchase them.
Did you happen to jump on the chalk wall band wagon only to find that the chalk dust was overwhelming your floor? Luckily for me, I went into knowing that I wouldn’t have any sort of well to catch it all, but still, it can be a task to constantly wipe and vacuum all the dust. But now I no longer need to worry because I made sure to include this in my order:

Yup! Anti-dust chalk. I can’t wait to crack this baby open! Run, don’t walk to Staples and pick up a box!
It’s only $.99 and is totally worth your sanity. Or maybe the chalkboard is adult only? Then pick up some Chalk Markers! I wish I had thought of this when placing my order, I would love a set!
The Staples website is easy to navigate and divided into easy to find categories.
My only complaint? The search feature doesn’t always work properly. I find if I’m on an actual product page I can’t seem to search, I have to back out or go to the homepage and then it works fine. A mild irritant.
Not a bad haul and all great additions to my crafting stock pile!
The kids and I have plenty of options now for those snowy, cold days where we are stuck inside.
Did you know that Staples online had such a wide variety of arts and crafts products?