While perusing Michaels the other day I came across their stash of foam pumpkins, which was on sale. I’ve been toying with an idea for a Halloween Doodle Pumpkin for a while now, so I grabbed a pumpkin and some puff paint and I headed home, giddy to start my project. This is a super easy no-carve pumpkin idea, but it does take a bit of time to complete. Read on to see how I made this fabulous pumpkin and some tips for how I would make it better the next go round!

Easy No Carve Halloween Doodle PumpkinSUPPLIES:

Foam Pumpkin
Pencil and Eraser
Black Puff Paint


Easy No Carve Halloween Doodle PumpkinUsing a pencil, sketch out doodles onto a foam pumpkin. I started in one section and worked my way out, using stars, dots, spiders, leaves and swirls as filler.

Easy No Carve Halloween Doodle PumpkinOnce the pumpkin is covered with a design in pencil, use puff paint (or alternatively, Sharpie) and trace the pencil marks. I did a “panel” at a time so that I could ensure that I didn’t smudge any of the wet paint. Allow the paint to dry for an hour or so before moving on to the next section, or speed the process along by using a blow dryer!

That’s really all there is to this! How would I do it differently? I would have either purchased a glow in the dark pumpkin or painted the pumpkin with glow in the dark paint FIRST. How awesome would this look if those doodles showed up against a glowing pumpkin? OR I wonder how it would look by adding watercolor paints to it? Add a splash of color! So many ways to customize this fun and festive pumpkin.

Check out all the fun sides of the pumpkin below! I could see kids having a fun game of iSpy with this.

Easy No Carve Halloween Doodle Pumpkin Easy No Carve Halloween Doodle Pumpkin

Easy No Carve Halloween Doodle PumpkinEasy No Carve Halloween Doodle Pumpkin