This post is brought to you by Help My Shelf. I received this product free of charge in order to write an honest review of my experience. All opinions are 100% my own.

One of the benefits of owning a blog is being contacted by innovative companies that offer products made to solve an irritating or unsightly problem in your everyday life. This post is going to cover one such story. Help My Shelf recently reached out to me with an intro to their product and as soon as I saw the email I got excited. You see, when we built our house, the pantry system that was put in was wire shelving… and it bugs me! The taco mix slips through the cracks, things tend to fall over, and it’s just a general nuisance. Not a HUGE deal, but enough that the pantry got annoying. The same goes for the closet in the master bath. One of the shelves we have dedicated to medications and other toiletries and that one shelf is a huge annoyance to me. NOTHING stands up straight! So when I learned of Help My Shelf I immediately responded to see if they would be interested in having me do a review. I figured if this was a product that I wanted/needed in my life, then some of you may be dealing with the same frustrations and would be excited to learn about it as well. Read on to learn about my awesome Pantry Transformation!

What is Help My Shelf? It’s a simple DIY wire shelf cover system that is affordable and easy to install! The kit comes with everything you need to install the shelves, the only item you will need to provide is a pencil to mark your cuts. How awesome is that? It took me about 40 minutes to do my entire pantry.

Cover your pantry wire shelves for cleaner, easier storage!The hardest part was the actual cutting of the front cover, but once I started using nice long strokes of the saw, and figuring out where to put the most pressure to cut all the way through, I was golden. You don’t need carpentry skills for this job. Just the ability to read directions and you’ll be sailing through to beautiful new shelves in no time!

Cover your pantry wire shelves for cleaner, easier storage!The first step is to measure your shelves so that you can figure out what kit you need to purchase. My shelves were 16″ deep by 23.5″ wide. I received the 15 ft kit, which had plenty of material to cover my 5 pantry shelves and a couple of shelves in my bathroom closet as well. The total cost for the kit was just $80.  Want to check out my pantry? Let’s start with the before:

Messy Wire Shelf Pantry - You've got to see the after!I didn’t have any irregular shaped items in my pantry at the time of this picture, so you’re not seeing the full effect, but trust me, when I have certain items in there, it’s just a disaster! Now let’s see the after… you’re going to love this:

Cover your pantry wire shelves for cleaner, easier storage!See how much cleaner and streamlined it looks? Obviously I took the time to organize it, but before it was so hard to get everything to stay in place because they kept falling sideways on the shelf! I love the little accent pieces in the middle. You don’t need to use them – they’re actually for covering seams or a support pole, neither of which I had, but I added them in as a decorative feature, and I love them.

Now check out the transformation of my bathroom closet shelf. Here’s the before:

Cover those wire shelves for a cleaner, easier to organize closet!Do you get my frustration? That’s just a mess! Here’s the after:

Cover those wire shelves for a cleaner, easier to organize closet!So.much.better!

How to cover your wire shelves - an affordable and simple DIY

How to cover your wire shelves - an affordable and simple DIY