Alright ladies, you know what I’m talking about. That mini fold of pudge that appears at the crease of your armpit and your upper body… also known as armpit fat. Judging by the fact that you’ve found this post, you’re looking for a way to get rid of that nuisance. Maybe an armpit fat workout regime. Am I right?How to get rid of armpit fat

Here’s the deal… you can’t.

I’m really sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but science has proven that you can’t target fat reduction. To complicate the issue, that area is not just made up of fat, but skin and muscle as well.

Don’t just click away trying to find a better answer. But keep reading for a bit more insight…

I’ve been in your shoes. I have always had pudge in that area and it use to bother me to no end.¬†I’ve searched for answers for years, even consulting my doctor about possible options, before finally believing it. The internet is full of posts and videos claiming to have the exercises to solve this problem and you can spend years attempting them with little to no results.

Reduce the Bulge

Without doing something drastic like liposuction, which can be very dangerous in that area, you can’t fully get rid of armpit fat. However, you can reduce the appearance of it by making clothing choices that minimize it and by wearing properly fitting bras so that your breasts don’t get pushed up into that area highlighting the issue. Or you know, grow your hair long and use it as camouflage!

Additionally, getting healthy and physically active can help by lowering your overall body fat, which may reduce that area as well. Plus there are so many other benefits to working out too! Need help getting into the idea of going to the gym? I have plenty of reasons that will help you learn to love the gym.

Stop stressing about armpit fat.

Seriously, ladies, I think it’s time to stop stressing over that little area! I mean, we’re in good company when it comes to this “body issue”. Jennifer Lawerence has talked about her armpit “vaginas” on the red carpet! Chrissy Tiegen has had liposuction to get rid of hers – though spoiler alert: it came back. And both Emma Watson and Sophie Turner are afflicted.

So what’s the moral of this post?¬†Acceptance.

We all have flaws. I work out regularly and can do 75-pound dumbell presses – I have a fricken strong chest for a woman, lots of muscle – and I still have armpit fat. I’ve been 117 pounds and under 10% body fat and guess what? I STILL HAD ARMPIT FAT.

And honestly, most people don’t even notice this area! The only people that do are the ones that have the issue and recognize it on someone else. So it’s time to accept that somethings can’t be changed and move on! Your time and focus could be spent on so many more important things.

Love to you all!

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