Have you committed to starting your fitness journey? Is your goal to tone and build some muscle while burning off fat? Then keep reading, because I’m going to share a great pre-workout meal that will assist you in your goals! There are two important meals in strength training – pre and post-workout meals. This option is actually great for both.

Cream of Rice Pre-workout Meal

One of Todd’s favorite pre-workout meals, and if we’re being honest, a favorite post-workout meal as well, is Cream of Rice. It is an easily digestible carb that won’t cause an upset belly during your workout and provides sustained energy. Your body needs carbs when building muscle and this provides those. He’ll have a serving of Cream of Rice and add a serving of his favorite flavored protein powder for a one-two punch.
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You can find Cream of Rice in the cereal aisle. It’s a hot cereal made from ground rice. On its own there isn’ t much flavor, so pick your favorite protein powder like Todd does, or you can also add some sugar free chocolate syrup or a scoop of your favorite nut butter.

Cream of Rice Pre-Workout Meal

The directions to make Cream of Rice are on the box, but it’s simply:
1/4 Cup Cream of Rice
1 Cup of Water

Microwave for approximately 1:20 minutes, remove and stir. Continue to cook in 15 second intervals, stirring in between until you get the consistency you want.

Once the Cream of Rice is ready, add in your flavorings, ie scoop of protein powder, few drops of vanilla extract, some cinnnamon, etc

So how come I keep saying Todd uses this? Because honestly, I don’t love it. I can choke it down if I have no other option, but I’d rather eat chicken and white rice because it’s more palatable to me. But I’m a picky eater – Todd claims this is like a sweet dessert, so give it a try for a great pre-workout meal and let me know what you think!