My friend Krista and I decided to attend a Hula Hoop Fitness class put on by the local Parks & Rec department. For days we were joking about it on Facebook. When the day finally arrived… we were the only two in the class! Which turned out to be PERFECT, because we really weren’t sure how graceful we’d look. Turns out? WE LOVED it! Yes, we did laugh a ton, but that was us just having fun! The instructor was amazing and she had us hooping in no time. We spent the hour learning and breaking a sweat and when we left we couldn’t stop talking about how we NEEDED to get a hoop.
As soon as I got home I looked up how to make a hula hoop and found that it is super simple. I Facebook-ed Krista and told her that her hubby, Jeremy, should make us one. Guess what? He agreed! The next day we purchased all of the supplies and that afternoon he dropped me off two finished hula hoops. Turns out it is really easy.
Want to make your own? Check out the video I found below. I didn’t actually watch the full video so I had missed the types of tapes she used. I ended up buying some patterned Duct Tape. At first I panicked because I couldn’t get it to work without bubbling or not laying flat, but as soon as I ripped it in half length wise, it worked like I had hoped and I ended up with some fun hoops!
What do you think? Will you give hooping a try?
If you don’t have a hula hoop class near you, do a YouTube search for “Learn to Hula Hoop” and you’ll find TONS of video tutorials.

Trust me, having these proper sized hoops makes it a lot easier. I couldn’t hoop with a kid-sized hoop, but give me one of these and I’m golden. After my first class I did walk away with two nice bruises on my hips, but that helped teach me how to keep it on my waist. I’m looking forward to the next class so I can start to learn some new moves, how to move the hoop to different parts of my body and so on!
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