Have you every tried making a Felt Quiet Book? I just finished my first DIY Quiet Book and I’m fairly happy with the result. And the best part? The kids love it! We’ve already given it a test drive at a restaurant too. My mom, 13-year-old sister, 10-year-old daughter, 4-year-old niece, and I went out for a girl’s lunch so I brought the book along.  It kept ALL of us busy!

DIY Felt Quiet Book

The DIY Fest Quiet Book was actually less time-consuming than I thought it would be… but I went into the project knowing it wasn’t going to be perfect and being OK with that.  Are you ready for some quiet book page inspiration? Here we go:

Easy Felt Quiet BookFelt Quiet Book Page
Hangman Quietbook Page
I incorporated tic tac toe and hangman game pages that the older girls loved.
Monster Quiet Book PageWho doesn’t love making funny monster faces? The felt sticks to itself, so no velcro needed. The envelope page holds lots of fun facial pieces and accessories.
Piggy Bank Quiet Book PageThe piggy bank has a slot on the top for popping coins in, and a velcro bottom for getting them out!
Barn Quiet Book PageFelt Finger Puppets
The farm page is a favorite of the little ones! Just open the barn door to find three little farm friend finger puppets.
Pattern Quiet Book Page

This book was totally made out of inexpensive 9″ x 12″felt sheets .  The pages are 8″x8″, though if looking to make your own I would recommend 9″x9″. With the felt being 9″ wide you would just have to cut off 3″ of length. After creating all of the pages separately, I sewed two together along the three outside edges, wrong sides together.  Once I all pages sewn to another page, it was time to bind the book.


Cut a piece of felt about 6 inches wide and 8 inches long.  Line it up with the spine  of the book and sew a straight line down.
In the photo below the blue is the front cover, the pink is what will become the spine.

Quiet Book Binding

Flip  the book over and do the same with the back cover.

Quiet Book Spine

Simple Quiet Book Binding

Set this aside and choose which first two pages you want in the book.  Sew them together down the left side.  Do this again for the next two pages and so on.

Simple Quiet Book

Now it is time to bind into a book. The spine is too thick for the machine, so get out a needle and thread.

Simple Felt Quiet Book - How to sew the book together

It is hard to describe how I did the spine, but I placed all of the pages between the two covers and then folded the spine down and around the pages.  Make sure the page edges and cover edges are all lined up on the left and then just sew down the length of the book.

Quiet Book Spine

That’s it!  You’re done.


Felt Finger Puppets

To make the finger puppets for the farm page, cut two of the shapes from felt and sewshut with a top stitch, leaving the bottoms open.  No turning or anything.  Very simple, very easy. Hot glue on cut felt pieces to create faces and, for the cow, the spots.  These take about 1 minute each!

 DIY Felt Quiet Book
I received tons of comments in the restaurant and my SIL has already mentioned how her kids would love one. Don’t be afraid, a DIY Felt Quiet Book is pretty simple to tackle and very forgiving!