Goo Gone Sticker Removal
Who’s bright idea is it to add stickers to the glass of picture frames, on mirrors or other surfaces where we don’t WANT stickers? Especially stickers that do not easily peel off? So annoying! Or maybe you are trying to get the wrapper off from a jar and you can’t get all that stickiness off? There is an easy way to do it! All you need to do is get some Goo Gone.
I swear by this stuff! I typically peel the label or sticker off, then squirt a bit of Goo Be Gone on the residue and wipe with a warm, damp paper towel. Wash with warm water and repeat until all of that yucky residue is gone.
Our camper had this sticker on the edge of the sink. I finally got around to taking it off… a year after buying the camper, and it left a small ring of residue that I couldn’t get off with a washcloth. I squirted a small amount onto the residue and it wiped right off.
I also just used Goo Gone to remove all the nasty adhesive some Starbucks Frappucino bottles for my sons upcoming Milk and Chocolate Birthday Party. It worked like a charm!
WARNING: be careful if you just got a manicure, even a gel manicure, because the Goo Gone can and will remove the polish – ask me how I know!
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