I love the creativity of kids! The other day my son brought me a bowl and said, “Check it out Mom! I made an ice cream volcano!” It looked fabulous and I figured if he got excited by it, then other kids would as well, so today I”m sharing my son’s Ice Cream Volcano with you all! We tried two versions a non-erupted volcano made with chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup and a erupting one using strawberry ice cream with strawberry syrup!

Ice Cream Volcano Idea - kids love them!Fun, right? And super easy to make as a delicious surprise for the kids after school or for a special occasion. Couldn’t you see this with a sparkler through the top of the cone on a birthday? Now THAT would be something special!

This is how we made ours:

You can easily customize this by adding more sprinkles, trying different ice creams – get creative! Some of the greatest ideas come from kids – they aren’t held back by doubts or thinking that some things HAVE to happen a certain way. I love exploring my children’s creative sides and encourage them to use their imaginations whenever possible! 

An Ice Cream Volcano that kids are sure to love!

We hope you enjoyed this super simple idea and would love to see your volcano creations! Share them with us on Inspiration Made Simple’s Facebook page! And if you have something super cool that your kid created, share that as well! 

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