Since Summer is here I decided to put together some more Journal Prompts for Kids. I like to keep my kids writing during the summer to help them retain the skills that they have learned the previous school year. My son has always struggled with picking topics to write about, though once he begins writing he comes up with some of the most detailed and vivid stories! With him in mind, I created 20 printable journal prompts and I can’t wait to read what he writes in response to these.

Free Printable Journal Prompts for Kids

Download the 20 Journal Prompts for Kids.

Personal use only. Do not alter.

Save the Journal Prompts file to your computer and open in Adobe Reader. Send the file to your printer and print it onto 8.5×11 paper or cardstock. Cut out the prompts and place inside a journal jar!

I like to keep my printable prompts pretty simple and ink-friendly – so they’re just black and white and easy to trim. A few examples of prompts include “I like the sound of”, “I love to give” and “If I were only 1″ tall I would”.

Grab a notebook, a binder or even loose-leaf paper and hand it over to your children and see what they come up with! If you want to make it more challenging, add a timer and see how quickly they can come up with a response. I like to make sure that the summer work we do is more like a game than work, so I might offer a prize – may be a dessert or extra screen time – for completing the assignment or for writing two paragraphs before the timer goes off. Come up with something fun that will encourage your child!

If you’re interested in what we do with all of our journal prompts,  learn about our Journal Jar. If you’re looking for more Journal Prompts, I have another 54 for you to download in the journal jar post!