I love how I start a project and then I need to brainstorm how to finish it!
Have you ever done that?

I have been trying to think of ways to display my children’s artwork.
The fridge gets inundated and the papers fall off, etc.
I had thought of using cork strips but A) wanted it to be a little fancier and B) didn’t want to spend money!
So I came up with this idea and started working on it about a month ago: Use a piece of spare wood – I used a 2×4 – cut it to length, and sand the edges to round them out. This was quite fun because my 9 year old daughter helped me and got to use her first power tool (I’m a firm believer in girls working with tools!). We then primed the board. Painted it the same orange as our basement and then painted black over it. I sanded down the edges so that some of the orange showed through.  I ended up watering down the black paint and painting over the sanded edges to cover up some of the spots that sanded past the orange and to also give it a more rustic look.

The next step was to add some clips and here is where I got stuck! I thought of using binder clips or clips similar to those. But when I tested it out, I didn’t like the look… so I turned to my BFF Google and found an art board on UCreate, which was actually a Little Birdie Secrets project. I liked their board, but again, didn’t feel like running to Staples to buy the clips! I then saw in the comments section of the Little Birdie Secrets post a link to Twiddle Thumbs art board. I really liked their clip and actually considered running out to get one until I happened upon the Mod Podge Rocks covered clothes pin feature

I had those in house… but then as I started to brainstorm I decided that it would be cool to paint them orange to match the décor and then stamp sayings on the clothes pin in black. So finally, I had my solution… until I realized my stamps wouldn’t fit, so instead I painted little hearts onto the clothespins. 

Whew – that was quite the brainstorm! Hope you all made it through OK.
I love to look for inspiration and then morph the ideas to fit my needs/desires.
I love the finished product (and so do the kiddos!  They were using it before I even put it on the wall this past weekend).
And if you are wondering why the clothespin in the middle is blue: my 2.5 year old saw me sitting on the floor painting them and decided he wanted to help. He ran to his art center grabbed his water colors and got to painting.  How could I say no?  I think it is the perfect touch!
So what do you think of my creation? I’m happy with it and the kids love changing out their drawings! Anything to inspire creativity is what I say!
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Happy crafting!